Gisella Miller, CR

Intuitive Reflexology Healing

My Reflexology room

Ibelieve a self healing space has to be inspiring. I have created a space for all the basic five senses to be acknowledged and experienced during our session. There is water to drink, soft lights and music to help you relax, and the scent of soothing essential oils to help you relax. My blankets and towels are extra soft, and I made the table comfortable by using pillows combined with a memory foam for the top layer. The temperature in the room is regulated for your comfort.

I want your Reflexology experience to be unique and special. During our hour session, I will be touching different reflex areas on your feet using various thumb and finger techniques. This reflex areas represent various organs and systems of your body. You should be comfortable and it should not be painful. Below are some of the benefits that a Reflexology session can bring into our lives:

Pain relieve
Better sleep
Reduced inflammation
More joint mobility
An overall state of wellbeing among many other benefits.


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