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Intuitive Reflexology Healing

What to expect during a Reflexology session

Imagine that our bodies are our homes. Our feet are the circuit breaker panels that can protect from any overload or imbalance. During our session, I’ll be resetting each breaker related to the various organs and body systems. I want to ease the way for your body to reconnect and acknowledge itself as a balanced whole.

You can expect to experience a variety of emotions during our sessions. Relaxation, tingling and unblocked energy flow have been described by Reflexology clients. Sometimes you may feel an emotional release that is manifested in crying or laughing. I believe many illnesses can start from blocked emotions. We need to let go of those negative emotions so we can start healing. I work on sending them back to Mother Earth so she can recycle the toxic energy.

I encourage you to acknowledge your initial sessions as detoxifying. Drink plenty of water after the session to help the released toxins find their way out.

After the first session you might feel tired or sleepy, Maybe even lasting until the next day, as your body had been working on reconnecting itself. You can also feel invigorated and energized as your body is reaching balance.

Several sessions are recommended to reach a state of well-being. That is called homeostasis. After that, a monthly tune-up is suggested.

Each person is unique, as individual bodies and their energy function differently depending on their particular health scenarios. I listen to that uniqueness carefully. Their physiology and anatomy rules are the same though. We all want the same healthy outcome. The goal of a session is for our own bodies to find their own best way to reconnect and re-balance their organs and systems so homeostasis (the state of well-being) can be present.

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