Gisella Miller, CR

Intuitive Reflexology Healing

Why do we need Reflexology?

When we think of Reflexology we usually imagine a foot massage session that will help us relax. Reflexology is more than that. It is an ancient art used successfully by many people to address a variety of illnesses and conditions,. The ancient Egyptians pictured foot reflexology sessions on their carved stones and their wall paintings. This art was later taught and practiced throughout Europe, and that knowledge eventually made its way to the United States. Here in the United States Reflexologists help clients stay balanced and healthy.

During a Reflexology session I will be touching various reflex points in your feet, and applying a variety of pressure techniques. Our goal through the Reflexology sessions is to foster better and healthier communication throughout your whole body.

What an organ needs at this moment may by supported by another system, and if the communication is made clearer then all components will work together to balance and to reset while alleviating unease and relieving stress. A major gland might assist another one through your endocrine system. It will also help your lymphatic system to drain, and will clean blocked fluids. Connections between your brain and your body systems and organs will improve.

Before we start a session I will ask you about your health history, and will concentrate on the reflex points that need to be worked during the 50 minutes that I’ll be working on your feet.

It is your own body and spirit that will find balance again during our sessions.

The benefits of Reflexology are cumulative. I recommend visits weekly, bi weekly or monthly depending on your needs and schedule.

Everybody is unique, but our body functions are programmed to work the same way.

I will assist you with love, intuition and respect. I wish for you to become the healthiest version of you, for your Ultimate Best Good.

At the end, with my help, it will be you who will bring health and balance into your physical body.


Gisella Miller, CR

Washington State Certified Reflexology

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